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 Upcoming Events
Tour de Woodmont
Sunday, Dec. 14
1-4:30 pm

Three new neighbors are hosting this year. Addresses have been provided in emails to WCC members.
  • Loren Mader and Sara Watson (address is on 8th, but entrance is on 9th)
  • Joe Shannon and Becky Powell
  • Shannan and Sam Newsome
Donations for the Des Moines Food Bank will be collected at each home, so please bring nonperishable foods to contribute.

You may be requested to remove your shoes at these homes, so be prepared.

Board Members for 2014-2015
President Jim Boyd
Vice President Mike Gibbons
Treasurer Jim Wadhwani
Secretary Carol Belland
Social Sue Clarke
Rick Devitte
Plaza Reservations Jan Markquart
Website and Facebook Cara Zemanek
Communication Jennifer Jacobson
Social backup

Sharon Morehouse


Mike Gibbons

 Active Members
Current Membership as of September 4, 2013
Community Map revised 21 Sep 2010
 Plaza Reservations
For Plaza Reservations, please contact Jan Markquart via e-mail links or telephone (use WCC directory). You must be a member to reserve the plaza and sign and return the completed Agreement Form for Reserving the Plaza - to download form, click on the link above.

 Club Dues :

WCC Membership and Dues Brochure Dues: $175 (non-seniors); $125 (seniors, 65 years+). If you would like to join the club, you can download the membership information on our website. Dues for new members can be pro-rated for the remaining months of the year. Our fiscal year runs from June 1 - May 31. This does not apply for existing members renewing their annual membership.

Dues for 2014 may be mailed to:
  Woodmont Country Club
  26479 Marine View Drive S
  Des Moines, WA 98198

Contact: Jim Wadhwani
Gentle Reminders
Remember that Des Moines has leash and scoop laws! Please keep your dogs on a leash or in your yard, and scoop unwelcome deposits.
Crime Busters! Don't forget to call 9-1-1 if you see any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. If you know of an incident involving you or a neighbor, e-mail this information to the Club. We can alert the membership.
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